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Comet B/C Exhaust
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Post war silencers usually have a bracket either welded or bolted to the silencer. Series A silencers did have a seperate strap which wrapped round the silencer and looked similar in shape to series B, C & D but the series A exhaust pipes were larger diameter and so the input pipe to the silencer on series A is larger diameter.

No, not on this exhaust. I did some research and apparently some of them had a strap type? maybe B series?

Is there not a mounting bracket?

If it ain't broke, it's just a matter of time.

Hi all.

I did post this on the old version of the website but its now gone/I can't access it?

Anyway, I have a new exhaust silencer for a Comet. I bought it for mine as I thought it may cure the backfiring issues I had, but then found it was the ATD so don't need it. I would ideally like £60 plus postage for it, which is from memory what I paid for it. It is brand new with some very light scratches where its been in the shed, but would polish up no problem.

Anyway, here are some pictures of it, any questions please do ask.


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